About Our Department

Our Mission Statement

It is the goal of the Penn Township Police Department to respectfully comply with the directions of the Elected Board of Supervisors while always striving to maintain solid communications, ever mindful that we serve and protect the public interests.

We are responsible for our own example of professional performance and will continue to take every reasonable opportunity to refine and reinforce our level of knowledge and competence.

Furthermore, we want to continue to enhance the already strong police/citizen relationship to meet the demands of the projected growth within the Township by utilizing good common sense, sound judgement and by maintaining the professional integrity of a public service.

About Us

Penn Township encompasses 21.6 square miles at the union of the Juniata and Susquehanna Rivers within the boundaries of Perry County, PA.  The Township is bordered on the north by Wheatfield Township and the Juniata River, on the south by Marysville Borough and portions of Rye Township, on the east by Duncannon Borough, and on the west by Rye and Wheatfield Townships.

Although Penn Township is viewed as being under development, it contains 53 miles of highway patrol.  Route 11/15 is an extremely heavily traveled highway running North and South of Penn Township.  The 2010 United States Census Report shows Penn Township's population at approximately 3300 residents living in 1,159 households, however, developers have expressed interest in new home constructions that would nearly double these numbers within the near future.

Penn Township Police Department also provides contracted Police coverage for the Borough of Duncannon.