Community Projects

Seat Belt Enforcement

The Penn Township Police Department conducts seat belt enforcement.  The specail enforcement details are funded through Buckle-up PA, in cooperation with the South-Central PA Highway Safety Council.

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Commercial Vehicle Restriction Checks

The Penn Township Police Department conducts traffic enforcement efforts routinely with the PA Utilities Commission with regards to commerical vehicles rules and regulations.  US Route 11/15 between the Rorher Bus Company and Interstate 81 in Cumberland County is recognized as being restricted to truck combinations being 102 inches wide and in excess of 28.5 feet in length.  Doubles or twin trailers are also restricted to movement on 11/15 from US Route 22/322 to Interstate 81.

DUI Enforcement Checkpoints

The Penn Township Plice Department conducts DUI enforcement checkpoints routinely, to demonstrate that driving under the influence is not tolerated, and also to maintain public safety.  The officers either stop every vehicle or use a specific pattern to stop certain cars traveling on the public road to investigate if drivers are impaired.

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