Police Statistics

Are you looking for the dispatch time analysis by type of call? You have come to the right place. You will find these documents in PDF format. Simply click on the below document you wish to download.  Please note that the files are saved as YEARMOnthDAy_PD.pdf.

You only need the Adobe Acrobat Reader or a compatible PDF reader.
The software may be downloaded for free from Adobe's web site.


0114_Police_rpt.pdf                                         0714_Police_rpt.pdf

0214_Police_rpt.pdf                                         0814_Police_rpt.pdf

0314_police_rpt.pdf                                          0914_Police_rpt.pdf

0414_police_rpt.pdf                                          1014_Police_Rpt.pdf

0514_Police_rpt.pdf                                          Police_1114.pdf

0614_Police_rpt.pdf                                          1214_police.pdf